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Herbal Contraindications and Drug InteractionsHerbal Contraindications and Drug Interactions plus Herbal Adjuncts with Medicines, expanded 4th edition, by Francis Brinker, N.D., 2010. This much expanded and updated version of a herb-drug interaction (HDI) classic offers a list of Herbal Agents containing 321 herbs and the evidence-based listing of the types of interactions which are known or believed to be associated with them. Additional herbs are addressed in the appendices which include Herbals as Potential Complementary Adjuncts with Medicines, a compelling aggregation of examples where using herbs with conventional medications may be a responsible and beneficial option. Sub-sections of this appendix include Potentially Beneficial Combinations of Herbals with Drugs, Herbal Aids for Modifying Substance Abuse, Complementing Treatment of Inflammations, Enhancing Chemotherapy and Chemoprevention or Reducing the Adverse Effects, Herbals for Preventing and Healing Radiation Adverse Effects and/or Enhancing Radiotherapy or Photodynamic Therapy, Herbal and Anti-infection Agents. Softcover, 598 pages. B282 ON SALE

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