Help Stop Poison-Makers from Harming Children, Pets and Wildlife

Reckitt Benckiser, the world's largest producer of household cleaning products is refusing to comply with a government order to stop selling certain super-toxic rat poisons in formulations that can harm children, birds, other wildlife, dogs, and cats. Will you help us tell these companies that their behavior is not acceptable?

Most pest-control product manufacturers have made the required safety improvements, encasing their rat poisons in bait stations that prevent access by children and pets, and restricting the sale of “second generation” rodenticides that can cause fatal hemorrhaging in owls, Bald Eagles and other wildlife. Most recently, a Red-tailed Hawk, the mate of the renowned and beloved Pale Male, was killed in New York City.

This one company has spurned government directives, continuing to market their poisons as loose pellets and pastes rather than in bait stations, and to peddle to residential consumers the most toxic formulations.

UPDATE: Reckitt Benckiser has responded to the citizen pressure with a letter to ABC trying to justify their actions. Join us in telling Reckitt Benckiser that we don’t buy their excuses!


Red-tailed Hawk, Pale Male by Jeremy Seto


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Dear Sir/Madam [Decision Maker],

Over the past 14 years, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has accumulated a vast amount of scientific documentation on the poisoning of children, pets, and wildlife by your super-toxic rat poisons, sold under the brand name d-CON. These exceptionally potent rodenticides can cause injury and death in people and in animals.

In 2008, the EPA ordered you to stop selling 20 rodenticide products to consumers in loose formulations such as pellets; you were instructed instead to encase the poisons in bait stations to protect children and pets. In addition, EPA concluded that you should no longer sell directly to consumers 11 of these products that contain "second generation" anti-coagulants, given the toll on owls, eagles, and other animals that eat the poisoned rodents.

We urge you to stop selling rat poisons that harm children, dogs, cats, birds, and other wildlife. Other companies have switched to safer alternatives. You can, too.

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