Take the Pledge: Keep Your Cats Indoors

Ever since the invention of kitty litter, cat owners have realized the many benefits of keeping their furry companions safely indoors. This transition has enabled cats to live longer, healthier lives, resulting in fewer trips to the veterinarian, and extending the years of mutual companionship. Keeping cats indoors also protects birds and other wildlife from a cat’s instinctive predatory drive.

To stand up and be counted among the many cat owners doing their part to protect cats and birds, please Take the Pledge to Keep Cats Indoors. By signing this pledge, you agree or reaffirm your commitment to keep cats safely indoors or on a leash. 

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Pledge to Keep Cats Indoors

As a responsible cat owner and wildlife supporter, 

I pledge to keep my cat(s) and any future cats that I own safely and responsibly indoors, on a leash, or in an enclosure.

By taking this action, I recognize that responsibly containing my pet will support a longer, healthier life, and that I am helping to protect native birds and other wildlife.

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