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The southern shore of Lake Erie is host to millions of migratory birds every spring and fall. But if we don’t act now, Lake Erie will also be home to 1,500 massive wind turbines, as Norway’s Fred Olsen Renewables and its Ohio-based partner LEEDCo advance their plans for “Icebreaker,” an offshore wind energy facility.

State and federal agencies pointed out problems with the project proposal, and American Bird Conservancy and local conservation partner, Black Swamp Bird Observatory, agree: This special place is no place for turbines. The region is so important for birds that it has been designated a Globally Important Bird Area, with shorelines providing vital connectivity between wintering and breeding grounds for migratory birds and open waters that support a significant portion of the world’s Red-breasted Mergansers.

We support renewable energy, but not in a place that is so critical to our nation’s irreplaceable migratory birds. Please act now: Ask Ohio’s elected representatives to oppose wind energy development in and along the shoreline of Lake Erie.

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Say No to Icebreaker: Protect Migratory Birds

Dear [Representative/Senator],

I am writing to express opposition to the "experimental" wind energy facility in Lake Erie, planned by Fred Olsen Renewables and its Ohio-based partner LEEDCo with an ultimate goal of a buildout of more than 1,500 turbines.

The south shore and open waters of Lake Erie are a major migratory route for millions of birds in spring and fall, including many species of conservation concern. In addition, Lake Erie is crucial habitat for millions of water birds that utilize the area for resting and feeding during migration and in winter. The area is considered so important to the conservation of birds that it was recently designated a Globally Important Bird Area.

I support the development of alternative energy as a means to address climate change, but Lake Erie is not an appropriate place for large-scale, commercial wind energy development. Proper siting is critical, and given the high risk of bird mortality in this location, I ask that you oppose wind energy development in and along the shoreline of Lake Erie.

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