The Western Basin of Lake Erie has been designated a Globally Important Bird Area and provides crucial habitat for one of the world’s largest confluences of migratory birds—including endangered Piping Plovers and Kirtland’s Warblers—as well as bats. The area is also home to one of the largest populations of breeding Bald Eagles in the lower 48 States.

A large “experimental” wind turbine has been proposed near the Lake Erie shoreline for the Ohio Air National Guard’s (ANG) Camp Perry base. It will be stationed directly in the path of migratory birds. Not only will this turbine produce little renewable energy: It will place birds and bats at risk and could open the floodgates to additional turbines on the Great Lakes.

Please act now. Urge ANG leadershipCol. Andrew Stephan and Mr. Randy Chambers (Chief Legal Counsel)to halt its plans for a wind turbine. Instead, encourage the facility to expand its existing solar array, to save birds and bats and generate far more renewable energy.

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The south shore of Lake Erie is a major migratory route for millions of birds and bats in spring and fall, including many threatened and endangered species. The area is considered so important to the conservation of birds that it is designated a Globally Important Bird Area.

A recent radar study by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service documented that vast numbers of birds and bats migrate through this area, frequently flying within the rotor swept area of wind turbines. And the recent Great Lakes Commission publication, Best Practices for Sustainable Wind Energy Development in the Great Lakes Region, states, "It is essential to identify and avoid areas where legally protected wildlife, such as threatened and endangered species, are present or potentially present, including known migration corridors and breeding areas for these species."

Globally Important Bird Areas are no place to conduct experiments to see how many birds and bats will be killed. Wind energy must take siting into account to minimize wildlife impacts. Lake Erie and its coastal wetlands are not an appropriate place for large-scale, commercial wind energy development, a goal for which this project will set a dangerous precedent.

Please, do the right thing for our state's valuable wildlife. Halt the Camp Perry wind turbine project.

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