Canada Warbler, Stubblefield Photography/Shutterstock

The Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act (NMBCA) has supported 451 conservation projects on more than 3.7 million acres of critical bird habitat, resulting in crucial progress for birds like the Canada Warbler (shown). Additionally, NMBCA has and kept rapidly declining species such as the Cerulean Warbler, and Long-billed Curlew from becoming endangered. Migratory Bird Joint Ventures are equally important for bird conservation; bringing partners and science together to identify bird conservation priorities and carrry out needed projects.

The NMBCA is the only federal U.S. grants program available throughout the Americas and specifically dedicated to the conservation of our migratory birds. 

If we act now, we can ensure the NMBCA and Migratory Bird Joint Ventures are able to continue important work for birds. Tell your elected officials: Let's build on this conservation success by fully supporting the NMBCA and Migratory Bird Joint Ventures. Thank you.

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Dear [Representative/Senator],

As your constituent and one of the more than 46 million Americans who enjoy birds, I respectfully ask you to support reauthorizing and full funding for the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act (NMBCA), and increased funding for the Migratory Bird Joint Ventures.

Please support and reauthorize the NMBCA and Migratory Bird Joint Ventures. Thank you for your help in conserving the migratory birds of the Americas.

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