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Greater Sage-Grouse conservation management plans—designed with dozens of stakeholders over five years and just launched in 2015—are now being revisited by the Department of the Interior and could open the door to oil and gas drilling in sage-grouse habitat across millions of acres of public lands.

Bills have also been introduced in Congress that would turn over sage-grouse habitat on federal lands to state management and suspend the possibility of Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection for the grouse for 10 years.

Speak out for the grouse!

Please tell government officials that the federal plans need to be given a chance to work, and that the safety net of the ESA must be maintained for the Greater Sage-Grouse.

Please act now to tell Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, along with your U.S. representative and senators, that you are opposed to weakening conservation measures for this iconic species of the American West.

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Dear [Administration and Congress],

I strongly support Greater Sage-Grouse conservation and the federal management plans conserving sagebrush habitat on over 67 million acres of public land. It is essential that these plans be given a chance to work.

I am concerned by the Interior Department's decision to revisit the plans by consulting only western states. The general public and other conservation interests across the U.S. spent over five years developing and finalizing these plans, and the outcome of this stakeholder process should be respected.

I also urge that the process to conserve sage-grouse be protected from legislative efforts that would further delay grouse conservation or undermine the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Specifically, please oppose legislation introduced in the House and Senate (S. 273/H.R. 527) that would allow adoption of weaker conservation measures for managing grouse habitat, including exempting the grouse from ESA protection for ten years, and halting the proposed mineral withdrawal for the most important grouse habitats.

Thank you for considering these comments. I hope you will do everything possible to ensure a future for this iconic bird that is so intrinsically a part of our history and the American West itself.

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