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The Great Lakes are home to one of the world’s greatest bird migration routes, but wind developers plan to build hundreds of dangerous turbines either in the Great Lakes or along their shores that could be disastrous for birds.

Wind turbines are an essential source of clean energy, but they need to be responsibly located—not placed in the path of countless migratory birds and bats.

Tell your governor and state wildlife officials in the region to protect birds and bats—and keep the Great Lakes and their shorelines free of large-scale wind energy development.

This alert is specific to the Great Lakes region, targeting decision makers in OH, PA, NY, MI, IL, IN, WI, and MN.  Your letter will be sent directly to the governor of your state and to state wildlife agencies in the Great Lakes region. All comments add strength to our appeal, but adding a personal story or thoughts about why protection of migratory birds is important will make your petition even more effective. 



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To reduce the impacts of wind turbines on birds and bats, it's critical we keep turbines away from large concentrations of these animals. This precludes building turbines near major migratory routes, stop-over habitat, breeding or foraging areas.

Despite the danger, wind energy developers are attempting to build large-scale, commercial facilities in areas that draw mass congregations of migratory birds and bats. Foremost among these are the Great Lakes, which are home to one of the world's greatest confluences of migratory birds and bats. And with hundreds--if not thousands-- of turbines proposed for construction, the cumulative impact could for birds and bats be disastrous.

As a local, state elected representative or FWS agency leader, I respectfully ask that you consider the cumulative impacts of wind energy development on migratory birds and bats, which are important both economically and ecologically. Wind turbines should not be built either in or within at least five miles of the Great Lakes' or Saint Lawrence Seaway's shorelines.

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