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Support Central Texas Toll Roads

Central Texas’ roads are congested and only getting worse. Toll roads are an important tool that free up congestion, improve safety, and save taxpayer dollars. Send a letter to our elected officials in support of Central Texas Toll Roads. 

Follow these steps:
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  • The Honorable Greg Abbott
  • Chairman Bruce Bugg
  • The Honorable Dan Patrick
  • The Honorable Joe Straus
  • The Honorable Kirk Watson


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing as a taxpayer and constituent to urge you to continue to prioritize transportation infrastructure by allowing regions and communities to use all the tools at their disposal to address congestion. This includes allowing toll and managed lanes to be constructed where it makes sense.

This is a free market, small government solution and I urge you to approve the use of toll lanes to include I-35 in the Austin region, MoPac South, the Y in Oak Hill, US 183 North and other highways where it is deemed to have a positive impact on congestion relief in Central Texas and across the state.

Thank you for your leadership, and your action on this important issue.

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