Stand up for Refugees and Immigrants

The world is facing the worst refugee crisis since World War II. More than 65 million people,  displaced from their homes and fleeing persecution, are now experiencing hatred and unjust treatment from America—the country many have turned to for help. Ugly rhetoric against immigrants and refugees has reached a fever pitch, with statements coming from public officials, pundits, and political candidates.

There is a critical need for a humane component to U.S. immigration policy. President Kennedy’s Centennial comes at a time when his message and mission about an inclusive and compassionate America needs to be heard even more urgently than when he first issued his call to conscience.

Raise your voice to let President Trump and your Members in Congress know that their constituents stand by America’s commitment to be a haven for the persecuted. Now is the time to inform yourself of where your elected officials stand and to demand their leadership to sustain America’s bipartisan, centuries-long promise to welcoming the stranger.


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Stand Up for Refugees and Immigrants

Dear [Decision Maker],

John F. Kennedy, in his Nation of Immigrants essay, wrote of America's unique status as a refuge for those seeking a better life. We have benefited when America lived up to its ideals as a haven for victims of persecution, and we have felt the pain and loss when our government tragically failed those ideals.

There is a critical need for civility and a humane component in U.S. immigration policy. For decades, the United States has successfully and proudly resettled refugees fleeing war, violence, torture, and persecution. Each of these refugees has been selected and thoroughly vetted. And yet, ugly anti-immigrant and anti-refugee rhetoric has reached a fever pitch, with some of the worst slurs coming from public officials, pundits and political candidates. America has always welcomed and embraced immigrants and refugees as an essential part of our nation's diversity, and it's time for our political discourse to reflect that.

As a country, we have always been stronger when we have stood together and embraced our heritage as a nation of immigrants. As an American citizen who believes in freedom and inclusivity, I urge you to do everything in your power to continue America's bipartisan, historic commitment to welcoming the stranger.

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