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We apologize, but the action alert you are attempting to access is no longer active.

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Ensure Anti-Discrimination Protection for LGBT Individuals

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Letter to Senators and Representatives

Senators: Act on President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee

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Tell your Senators to fulfill their constitutional duty and support prompt thorough confirmation hearings on the President's nominee, Merrick Garland

Urge Congress To Condemn Surge of Anti-Semitism in Europe

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Letter to Representatives

Urge Congress to Pass Essential Legislation to Protect the Right to Vote

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We must not react by giving into fear or bias by turning our back on our nation's fundamental commitment to refugee protection and human rights.

Urge Congress to Save America's Refugee Resettlement Programs

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Urge your Members of Congress to oppose any rollbacks to America's refugee resettlement programs.

Urge the Senate to Enact Fair Sentencing Laws

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Support the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015 (S.2123)

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