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Dear [Decision Maker],

This is a test message to confirm that we are able to successfully communicate with this webform. There is no need to log or respond to this message. You can disregard the remaining message, unless you want information about why such test messages are necessary.

This message has been sent by Convio, one of the leading providers of online advocacy communication services to nonprofit organizations. Our clients include many of the country's largest public interest groups, trade and professional associations, labor unions, higher education institutions and corporations. These groups use our software to publish web pages that enable their supporters to send messages directly to their elected officials. Each message sent by our system has been initiated and authorized by a constituent, always contains the sender's name and home address, and has often been personally edited by the constituent.

Regular testing of webforms is necessary because there are no standardized protocols governing communications with the offices of federal, state or local officials. In contrast with email and fax, webforms allow each office to require different information or steps to successfully transmit a constituent's message to their elected official. Moreover, webforms are often changed without notice, and these changes require us to update the custom connectors we used to communicate with each office.

We apologize if this test message has caused you any inconvenience. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding these tests or online constituent communications generally, our Director of Engineering Services, Joseph Poirier, would be happy to speak with you. He can be reached at (512) 652-2665 or at

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