Chairman Camp: Dare to be Fair!
 Schedule a hearing on the FairTax

Experts praise it and average Americans believe it can save the country. More than 60 Members of Congress support it and it became a key debated policy element in early Presidential primary races. Books about it land on bestseller lists and millions of Americans have heard about it on talk radio. For all the exhaustive research, all the buzz and all the public support, there has been no Congressional hearing by House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Camp. Why? Congress holds hearings on White House party crashers and meets endlessly on far less important matters. The petition below raises our voices together in the best tradition of our great nation. Join us in daring Congress to be fair--hold the FairTax hearing!

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Dear Chairman Camp,

Whereas, the FairTax Bill will produce an economic boom which could create millions of American jobs, deliver 100% of all earned income to Americans free of deductions for federal income taxes or other payroll taxes, and bring to the U. S. an estimated $11 to $15 trillion from offshore accounts and investments by Americans, foreign corporations and individuals; and,

Whereas, the FairTax Bill will abolish the IRS and 67,500 pages of income tax regulations thereby eliminating a projected $300 billion in annual tax preparation costs and endless hours of frustrating tax form preparation and filings by honest Americans, and which will eliminate an overly complex tax code even the IRS itself admits there are parts it cannot understand that benefits tax lawyers, lobbyists and senior Members of Congress on tax writing committees who cut deals for wealthy corporations and individuals; and,

Whereas, the FairTax Bill will cause those who come by their income illegally to pay their fair share of taxes thereby reducing the tax burden on all honest, taxpaying Americans; and,

Whereas, the FairTax will establish a sales tax to be paid only on new retail products, when each person chooses to make a purchase and the FairTax has been endorsed as simple, wise, efficient and pro-growth by more than 80 prominent economists including Nobel Prize winning economist Dr. Vernon Smith; therefore,

We, the undersigned, do hereby respectfully call upon the Ways and Means Committee to conduct a fair, open public hearing on the FairTax Bill H. R. 25, allotting 50% of the time each to the proponents and opponents and then send H. R. 25 to a vote of the entire House of Representatives.

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