15th Annual New York City Walks with Us 2018

Lupus Vuitton

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We are joining forces to raise money for the Lupus Reseach Alliance Walk for a Cure October 13th at the Intrepid Air & Space museum. We ask that you take a moment to think about what it truly means to live with a chronic illness that has no cure. Where triggers are never exactly quite the same amongst lupus patients. Those individuals. Or what we like to call warriors suffer from so many de habilitating conditions.

 If you know then you know. This lupus warrior (Brittany) was diagnosed with SLE Lupus the summer she turned 13. Since this diagnosis lupus has affected her central nervous system at 16 causing seizures, brain fog and severe swelling of my brain cells forcing her  to under go several sessions of chemotherapy and at the age of 23 she was Diagnosed with lupus nephritis. Lupus nephritis is the name of your diagnosis when the lupus affects your kidneys. 

Some time after that she underwent a double hip replacement on top of all that due to prolonged prednisone use.

Safe to say I pray everyday for the day these illnesses will be no more.
And you can help! Please donate to lupus. It is a silent killer and is known statistically as the leading cause of dead among women with lupus from 15 to late 30s .

Help me break the stigma. Together lupie or not let’s take back our lives! And remind ourselves that every life new or old, ill or not. love yourself and let love give!  


Every little bit matters.

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