New Jersey Walk with Us

REL-entlessly Seeking a Cure

Dear Family & Friends,

As many of you know, our daughter, Arielle (aka Rel), has been dealing with various unexplained ailments since childhood and was ultimately diagnosed with Lupus in 2016. Thankfully, her disease is mild and she is responding well to her medication. Unfortunately, however, at this time there is no cure for Lupus. She and her compatriots face a lifetime of challenges. We hope to see this change through raising funds to support much needed research to find better treatments for those with more advanced disease and to one day find a cure.

In searching for a team name, one word kept popping into our heads: RELentless. A word could not better reflect Rel’s incredible capacity to persevere no matter what. As her parents we are so proud of her strength, resilience, and optimism. We hope you can join our team, “REL-entlessly Seeking a Cure.

On Saturday, May 19th, we will be participating in the New Jersey Walk with Us to Cure Lupus. Please join us either by making a pledge on our behalf [DONATE NOW] or by registering to walk beside us for a 3 mile walk at MetLife Stadium. Registration Check In opens at 9:00 am and Walk begins at 10:00 am. [JOIN TEAM]

We choose to walk with Lupus Research Alliance because of its commitment to prevent, treat and cure Lupus. Since 1999 the Lupus Research Alliance has committed over $172-million to Lupus research, to help 1.5 million Americans, making it the largest private funder of Lupus research in the world. 100% of your donation will go to support Lupus research programs, because the Lupus Research Alliance Board of Directors funds all fundraising and administrative costs. 

For more facts about Lupus, please check out

By supporting us in our fundraising efforts, we are ensuring that the Lupus Research Alliance can continue to advance medical research and help the many people living with this disease.

With much love and many thanks,

Karen and Howard Lang

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