15th Annual Boston Walk with Us to Cure Lupus

The Vogels

We are excited to once again be participating as a team in the Boston Walk with Us to Cure Lupus & to taking a renewed stand against a disease that has run roughshod over us this year. This Walk is the Lupus Research Alliance's signature national fundraising program which means that it affects real people, real treatments, & real lives.

While lupus is a devasting autoimmune disease that affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans, making it more common than leukemia, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, & cystic fibrosis, there are limited treatment options, most of which come with substantial side effects, & no known cure. Historically, it has been overlooked because it is hard to diagnose, difficult to understand, & often dismissed since the largely female patients can "look" or "seem" fine even while their bodies are going berserk. I myself, despite repeatedly visiting doctors with significant symptoms, waited over 12 years for a diagnosis. This is not okay. We need the medical community to be more aware of this disease & scientists to be given the tools needed to meet this challenge head on. We must stop losing the contributions of good & decent people who are sapped and depleted by this bruising illness.

We choose to walk as a team with Lupus Research Alliance on June 2nd in the hopes that progress can be made for all people with lupus & their families, understanding fully that while our burden may seem heavy at times there are many more people carrying much heavier loads than ours. When prednisone was introduced as a treatment for lupus, it saved & changed thousands of lives. People no longer expected to die within 2-3 years of diagnosis. But, it is a severely limited drug that cannot be used liberally or in the long-term. We want to help the LRA to find the next prednisone. We want to change the trajectory of the millions of lives to come that will be affected by this disease. We want all lupus patients to get their happy ending. So, if you want that to, please support our team's fundraising efforts by clicking on our names at right & making a donation. 100% of your contribution will go to support lupus research programs & the next great discovery that will return patients with lupus to their families, their communities, & the lives they had meant to be living.

Thank you!

Claire, Stephen, Owen, & Oliver

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