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Hey, Girl. Help me WIN.



Running changed my life. I know, GROSS. What a weirdo! Who even cares ... but it's true. It did. When I'm running I feel less likely to punch people in the face or roll around in the candy aisle at Mariano's and eat myself to death, but also I fit into my skinny jeans and I KNOW GIRL ... skinny isn't everything ... but when I slide into those jeans I feel better about myself (SUE ME). Running makes me feel like a champion, like I'm gonna be ok, like I can WIN ... so why not use all of that for good? That's why I've decided to run the Chicago Marathon this year and raise money for the Chicago AIDS Foundation.


HIV and AIDS are not in the news much these days, but an estimated 28,000 people throughout Chicago are living with HIV and need equitable access to services, such as housing, health care and case management, in order to stay healthy. That's why I'm running with TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2019. T2 is training me to cross the finish line while raising funds to support the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC), which connects people to the services they need and is working with other organizations throughout the state to get Illinois to reach zero new HIV transmissions by 2030.


In 2016 alone, 839 Chicagoans were diagnosed with HIV. While this is the lowest number of new HIV transmissions in years, many more still don't know they are living with the virus. I am committed to running 26.2 miles in October to raise awareness and eradicate the stigma attached to HIV, all while benefiting a cause I am passionate about.


OHMYGOD. I KNOW I KNOW ... that's so much serious information. You'r ok, but if you wanna feel even better (NO IM NOT GONNA MAKE YOU RUN BUT LIKE YOU SHOULD YOU WILL FEEL BETTER DUDE) ... you should donate to my run. Any amount you wanna give is so completely perfect and I will kiss you right on the mouth for doing it (just kidding that's gross and you probably have a cold and I think we all know I'm far too socially awkward for that). Let's save some lives and make a few smiles together.


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