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Running the Tokyo Marathon in Memory of Graham Newsome

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, over twenty years ago, my family and I lost my Uncle, Graham Newsome, to HIV/AIDS. My memories of Uncle Graham are of my childhood: of Christmases shared, board games played, piano music practiced, stories read and hearty laughter ringing. Uncle Graham was the unique kind of adult who immediately sat down on the floor with you, looked right at you, and made you feel like the most important person in the room – because he simply was the warmest and kindest person I knew. There have been a million moments since we lost him when I have missed him, but none have come more sharply than those since my children and my nephews have been born and continue to grow, and, most particularly, as we lost his sister, my Auntie Julie, and my Grandma Janet, his mother. During these times, I wished for his peacefulness, his warmth, his thoughtful way of sharing ideas and, perhaps most of all, his friendship with my parents as they navigated difficult decisions that my sister and I tried to support them in. It is during all these small and significant moments when I have wished for a few more spare moments to share these experiences with him: to ask for his reflections on these experiences, and to seek comfort in all of the wonderful qualities he shared with his loved ones.

At the time that my Uncle Graham endured his battle with HIV/AIDS, little was known about the disease, both in the medical field and in and amongst our family and friends. Today, thanks to research and outreach, the experience of people fighting that same battle, as well as the experience of their families, has changed drastically. There is hope, both medically speaking and in terms of the resources available to people facing this fight.

In March 2014, I ran my first marathon, the LA Marathon, in Uncle Graham's honor, raising over $4,300 for AIDS Project Los Angeles with Team to End AIDS MA. The proudest moment of the race had nothing to do with the dollar amount, however, and everything to do with honoring his memory. As I crossed the finish line on that very hot day, I was proud to wear his name on my shirt and so thankful to him as it was the thought of how short my fight was in comparison with his that allowed me to just keep putting one foot in front of the other for all 26.2 miles.

In October 2015, I ran the Chicago Marathon, and in 2017, the NYC Marathon for Team to End AIDS Chicago. This organization benefits the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, and I am proud to have raised nearly $15,000 for them so far! It is their vision that people living with HIV and related chronic diseases will thrive, and that new HIV infections will be rare. As I work to run all of the World Marathon Majors in Uncle Graham's memory, I have registered for the Tokyo Marathon, to again run in his memory, and I am again raising money for T2, and in honor of Uncle Graham to do what little I can to make a difference in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Your financial support is appreciated as I train to run 26.2 miles!

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago is a far reaching organization that engages in:
- Advocacy, such as by working with local and state stakeholders to acheive legislative support for over 43,000 residents living with HIV/AIDS.
- Prevention, such as by participating and funding the development of new, safe microbicides to prevent exposure to HIV/AIDS.
- Housing Assistance, such as by promoting efforts to coordinate affordable housing for low-income individuals with HIV/AIDS.
- Case Management, such as by assisting clients in applying for benefits, including housing, transportation, food and nutrition services; and facilitating access to emergency homelessness prevention funds in times of crisis.
- Health Insurance Coordination, such as by maintaing the" In-Person Counselor Program," which aims to help people complete marketplace application forms before the enrollment deadline, assist people with applications to Medicaid, educate people about the fact that there is no deadline for Medicaid enrollment, and teach people about special enrollment periods.
- Capacity Building, such as by providing trainings for community-based organizations aimed at increasing the knowledge base of individuals working within the public health field.

I feel so proud to run for an organization making so much effort to improve the quality of life for individuals afflicted with HIV/AIDS, and who seeks to finally eradicate this terrible disease through a host of prevention efforts. Thank you so much for caring about this fight, and thank you for your support. I hope to do you, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, and most of all Uncle Graham, proud in March!

Kathryn Price


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