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I'm Running 26.2 Miles & Your Donation Makes It a Good Idea

Good People,


We are only 40 days and by the time some of you see this it will be less than that, days away from when I desperately try and complete  the Chicago Marathon! On upside, if even if I keel over about 15 to 20 miles in I still have raised some real dollars toward preventing the transmission of AIDS from mothers to their infants. Check them out and help them. But one way to help them is be donating to my personal page. I am half way to my $5,000 goal and if you haven't kicked in now is your chance! 


I am committed to running 26.2 miles in October to raise awareness, eradicate the stigma attached to HIV and because yes, I have lost my damn mind. You however, can turn my rash and some would say insane idea into an act of grace by dropping some money into the kiddy. So, our goal is to raise about $5,000. We can do it but that means I need you to do three things. 


One, you need to reach down into your wallet and find between $50.00 to $100.00 to drop into the ocean and hey, some of you can do better than that. Who will be the first $500.00 donation? We're all very excited about that. You can do it team! I need you to come through. The AIDS Foundation needs you to come through. PACPI needs you to come through. Clock's ticking. After you donate drop me a line on Twitter: @Drobsidian is the handle. Don't be shy. 


Two, you have hoodlum, respectable and professional friends. You should pass this info on to them and get 2 of them donate. You have your assignment. Recruit two people to give between $50.00 and $100.00. If you have already given did you get your two people? The people need your two people. When consulting with your hoodlum friends remind them that no one should be... hurt in the raising of these funds... I'm just saying. After you donate drop me a line on Twitter: Don Washington @Drobsidian


Three, post this link on all your social media. Did you post this link? I am wondering but unlike Santa I cannot check. Many of you have platforms that are kind of awe inspiring. And like once a week I would like you to give it a bump. A repost. Make it Repost Monday Task! When you say it with an exclaimation point it sounds a little like Avenger's Assemble! Be a hero. Be the social justice warrior I know you are. Also, am I the only one that finds it worrying that we have people in the world that think fighting for social justice is a bad thing? After you donate drop me a line on Twitter: Don Washington @Drobsidian


On my end I promise to do the following. One, I will show up on race day. Two, I will try not to die out there. I hear this could take me five hours to complete. Three, whoever donates the MOST money will win a catered dinner for up to eight folks prepared by me. Sure that doesn't sound like much unless you have dined at my home before. I can straight up cook. Four, the week after I will host a Social Justice Potluck for everyone who donated at mi casa. I would do it after the race but there is about a 200% chance that I will be only vaguely functional at that point. That seems like a good reason to wait a week. Oh, if you are planning to come to the Social Justice Potluck you should let me know. Do this by dropping me a line on Twitter: Don Washington @Drobsidian



Help me cross the finish line while helping thousands of people across Illinois! Donate to my T2 campaign today. Just click the DONATE TO ME button on the right. 


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