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Protect Maryland Open Space Funding

In 1969, the Maryland legislature passed Program Open Space into law, providing a means to protect farmland across the state. The program collects a fraction of a percent of the transfer tax paid when Maryland residents sell a home or piece of property to pay for farmland and open space protection, parks and recreation needs. Program Open Space is beautiful in its simplicity, keeping pace with state growth and development and tying together a strong coalition of interests committed to the state’s natural and recreational resources.

Previous administrations and legislatures frequently raided the funds. While some money has been paid back, an astonishing billion dollars has not been used to protect land as intended. Governor Martin O’Malley faithfully supported full funding for farm and other land protection in previous budgets, but this year he proposed $60 million be diverted to the general fund and the General Assembly may divert even more.

Maryland has lost more than 286,000 acres of farmland to development! 

Farmland protection programs, like Program Open Space, are crucial to the health and viability of agriculture and to the state as a whole.

Contact your state Senator today and tell them NO CUTS to Program Open Space.

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