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Arial Farmland

Make Your Message Clear!

Help Maryland Ensure Farmers Have the Support They Need for a Cleaner Bay!

Please call members of the Environmental Committee today! Tell them to support Senate Bill 1029—The Maryland Agricultural Certainty Program!

The program:

  • Encourages farmers to go above and beyond state minimum clean water requirements;
  • Accelerates efforts to restore our water ways;
  • Provides a specified “holiday” from addional regulatory changes for farmers once conservation measures are verified; and 
  • Requires that, when the period is over, farmers must come into full compliance.

The Agricultural Certainty Program is an innovative way to balance the regulation the public wants with the time farmers need to make planning and investment decisions. It's a win for the Chesapeake Bay and a win for farmers. If enacted, the program will keep the state firmly on the road to its water quality goals and in the forefront of collaborative solutions to policy issues.