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No Farms, No Food: Protect Farms and Ranches from Sprawl

Female Farmer Leaning on a Bale of HayEvery minute of every day, we are losing our farm and ranch land to sprawling development! Once the land is gone, it can’t be brought back and the ripple effect is tremendous.

Don't stand by as the loss of farmland in this country takes away the food, environmental benefits and economic security given to us by farms. Tell your representatives in Congress to protect our farm and ranch land before it is too late!


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Please Protect our Farm and Ranch Land

Dear [Decision Maker],

Our farm and ranch land urgently needs your help! The pressure is on. Economic uncertainty is driving more and more family farmers out of farming, putting the future of American farming at risk.

As a citizen concerned with our nation's security, economy, environmental and personal health, I urge you to support farmland protection efforts in your home state as well as on the federal level. Our future and our children's future depend on it.

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