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Support California's Sustainable Farmland Strategy Act

Recognizing the fundamental impact that local government land use decisions have on California’s farms and ranches, AFT is co-sponsoring the new Sustainable Farmland Strategy legislation (AB 1961) introduced in February 2014 by Assembly Agriculture Chair Susan Talamantes Eggman. The bill would require California counties to complete an assessment of their agriculturally-zoned lands, review their policies and adopt a plan to retain land for farming and ranching.

On April 2, 2014, the California Agriculture Assembly will consider AB 1961. Before that time, AFT asks that all Californian’s who recognize the vital role of agriculture in the state and wish to preserve farmland for future generations to send a letter to the Honorable Susan Talamantes Eggman supporting AB 1961.

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  • State Representative Susan Talamantes Eggman


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Support the Sustainable Farmland Strategy Act- AB 1961

Dear [Decision Maker],

I write in support of AB 1961, the Sustainable Farmland Strategy Act. As a California resident, I believe that ensuring the long-term future of the state's economically important agriculture sector and conserving farmland is essential to the future of our state. The Sustainable Farmland Strategy Act creates opportunities at the county level to discuss and plan for the long-term retention of farmland, while maintaining flexibility and local control of land use planning decisions.

California is home to one of the world's five Mediterranean-climate growing regions, enabling year-round agricultural production. California is the number one agricultural state in the country, generating over $40 billion in sales on over 25 million acres. Recent studies find that agriculture provides multiple benefits to the state, including climate protection. Research funded by the California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program found that an acre of irrigated cropland emits 70 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than an acre of urban land.

Thank you for your leadership in authoring AB 1961, the Sustainable Farmland Strategy Act, and for your commitment to providing a future for the state's farms and ranches.

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American Farmland Trust