Tell State Legislature No More Cuts to Program Open Space


ALL Marylanders need open land: land to grow our food, for local parks and recreation and for wild and scenic places to restore the soul.

Yet Maryland’s Governor and State Legislature are once again diverting dedicated land protection funding to other programs. The Governor’s budget eliminates $115 million dollars for parks, recreation and farmland protection. The legislature is piling on additional cuts. In previous years, legislators promised to repay such diversions. But, this year, the administration and legislators are stripping away those promised repayments as well.
We need you to stand up and say no more cuts. Open spaces matter for our state and our residents.

Enough is enough!

Keep the Promise of Open Space; Restore the transfer tax revenue and stop the cuts!


  • Your State Senator or Senators
  • Your State Representative or Representatives


Tell Your State Senators and Representatives-Funding for Program Open Space is a Promise to Future Generations

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a supporter of American Farmland Trust and a Marylander who believes in keeping our promises, I urge you to halt the assault on Program Open Space funding. This program is nationally renowned as a masterpiece of sensible leadership. It collects a fraction of a percent of the transfer tax paid when Maryland residents sell a home or piece of property. Those monies go into a DEDICATED fund to protect farmland, high-value natural lands, and parks and recreation needs in every county in the state.

In the upcoming budget votes, I urge you to:

-Restore the $115 million in transfer tax revenue swept out of the 2016 budget
-Vote against the added cuts to Maryland's farmland protection and Rural Legacy programs.
-Support the return to full cash funding and the legally adopted allocation formula specified in the current Program Open Space law.

Thank you so very much for your support for Maryland's land protection program

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