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Speak up for Minnesota dogs and cats

Speak Up

Minnesota is among the top producers of puppies in the nation, yet has no state laws to license, inspect or regulate the dog and cat breeding industry.

This lack of oversight allows for deplorable breeding conditions, allowing unhealthy dogs and cats to be sold to unsuspecting consumers. Lack of oversight also prevents law enforcement and humane agents to stop abuse and neglect in inhumane breeding facilities before it starts.

Take action now!

Speak up for Minnesota dogs and cats. Please call your legislators and log your call using this page (talking points below), or visit this page to contact your legislators by email.

To find your elected officials, please enter your ZIP Code. If you live in a split district, you may need to enter your full address.

ZIP Code:    

What to say: 

Personal messages are the most effective way to reach our Minnesota Legislature. When reaching out, please consider the following:

Keep it brief. Legislators are very busy and the more concise you are, the better it will be received.

Make it personal. Share a personal story and/or your personal reasons for supporting the bill.

Be specific about the bill.

  • Let them know you support the Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Bill. Mention the chief authors and bill numbers: Senator Barbara Goodwin (S.F. 462) and Representative John Lesch (H.F. 702).
  • Share that current animal welfare statutes only allow for action by law enforcement and humane agents after the abuse and neglect has occurred.
  • Mention that the bill will regulate the dog and cat breeding industry in Minnesota in an effort to prevent inhumane breeding practices.
  • Passage of the bill will protect thousands of nameless Minnesota animals, while also protecting consumers. It will also no longer require law enforcement, the courts, humane societies and rescue groups to “clean up” the problem without the financial support of the dog and cat breeding industry. 

Thank them for taking the time to speak with you.