Walk for Animals 2017
Walk for Animals 2017!
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About the Walk for Animals

Something as simple as a walk becomes so much more when you share it with your companion animal - and even better yet when you share it with your animal–loving community!

Celebrate the special bond you share with your pet, while also helping Animal Humane Society care for animals in need this year.

Begin raising funds now and get ready for the one event your pet looks forward to every bit as much as you. 

Why walk? Why donate?

  • Animal Humane Society depends on partners like you to help us care for animals, as we receive no federal, state, or county funds.

  • You can literally “walk the talk” by taking direct action for a cause near to your heart.

  • As the nation’s largest human and animal pet walk, the Walk for Animals is a spectacle that you and your family will talk about for the rest of year.

  • You will feel a sense of pride joining with a community of individuals as committed to helping animals as you are.

  • Hundreds of pets in one place makes for limitless hilarious moments.

  • You will be surprised at the outpouring of friendship and support as you raise pledges.

  • Your pets will go home and sleep after the event!

Goal: $1,000,000

Event Progress: 128% of goal
Raised: $1,283,144.31

WFA17 $1M

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