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Innovation Deficit Without R&D Tax Credit

R&D means innovation

It’s time to invest in America’s future.


Innovation fuels the U.S. economy, creates good jobs and helps increase America’s global competitiveness, but innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes billions of Research and Development (R&D) dollars to spur the type of innovative new technologies and discoveries which the world has grown accustom to seeing from America.


America’s aerospace and defense industry is especially exposed to shrinking R&D investments because those investments enable our nation's U.S. military superiority, space leadership and commercial technologies. Without continued R&D investments, the U.S. risks losing its global innovation dominance in aerospace and defense – a cornerstone of the American economy.


The R&D tax credit is one mechanism Congress should use to rejuvenate American innovation. Allowed to expire at the end of 2013, this tax credit must be retroactively and permanently extended to encourage U.S. businesses to further develop new technologies that contribute to America’s national security and economic prosperity.


Favorable investments in R&D will strengthen America’s ability to innovate and innovation is the key to America’s strength. Take action now to tell your elected officials that the R&D tax credit must be retroactively extended on a permanent basis.


Tell Congress to permanently extend the R&D Tax Credit.


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Support Innovation - Extend the R&D Tax Credit

Dear [Decision Maker],

The Research and Development (R&D) tax credit is vital for America to innovate and be globally competitive which is why it must be retroactively and permanently extended. As innovation does not happen in a vacuum it is critical for businesses to be incentivized to commit billions of dollars and thousands of man hours to critical R&D initiatives.

By permanently extending this tax credit, which expired at the end of 2013, you would be empowering American businesses to again invest in R&D needed to advance our nation's interests in maintaining military superiority, pioneering in space and developing new commercial technologies.

I urge you to take quick action to retroactively extend the R&D tax credit and communicate your support for the credit to congressional leaders so that the credit can continue to enhance U.S. innovation, competiveness and job growth.

To retain and attract global R&D activities across all sectors of the economy, businesses must have certainty when it comes to their R&D investments.

It is also vitally important that a strengthened and permanent research and development incentive be included in any tax measure considered by Congress, including as part of any tax reform initiative. A robust and permanent research and development tax credit is critical to competitiveness, innovation and U.S. jobs.

Thank you for your focus on this important issue.

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