28th Annual AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run

Join us to help HIV/AIDS as we know it!
Join us to help HIV/AIDS as we know it!

ADP Atlanta



Join the ADP Atlanta Team as we walk in the 28th annual AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run, to raise funds to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and to provide critical social services and healthcare for people living with HIV. 

Get started by clicking the JOIN TEAM button on the right-hand margin of this web page.

After you join the team, be sure to:


  1. Follow ADP Atlanta Pride https://adpworks.jiveon.com/community/di-csr/adp-pride/adp-pride-atlanta-metro (copy and paste the link)
  2. Learn how to request a donation match from ADP: https://adpworks.jiveon.com/docs/DOC-290592 
  3. Send your T-shirt size to Akilah Charlemagne at Akilah.Charlemagne@adp.com


Thank you for supporting our team and know that you are helping to make a difference in someone’s life!

With advances in treatment and getting those that are affected in care and on the necessary medication regimen that results in an undetectable viral load we can stop the transmission of the HIV virus.

AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run is an opportunity for the community to come together to remember those we have lost to HIV/AIDS and celebrate the achievements we have made in the fight against this disease.

100% of the money raised through this campaign stays here locally and will make a positive impact in our community.


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