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The Kidney Disease Journey: Part 5 - Transplant recovery

David White was ready to hit the ground running after his kidney transplant, but his body needed time to heal.

Many people don't understand the recovery process both transplant recipients and donors face.

Transplant recipients usually spend about a week in the hospital so doctors can monitor their new kidney. During recovery, their activities can be limited and both recipients and donors may have to miss work, which can cause financial stress and hardship.

"My kidney didn't wake up for two weeks. Thankfully, it finally woke up and I left the hospital. But I was 40 pounds heavier due to all the fluids they gave me," he says. "When I went home, I was able to work out a little and started losing weight. But it wasn't until a few months later that my energy returned."

The American Kidney Fund is committed to supporting both kidney patients and living donors—from diagnosis to recovery. But we need your help.

Since his transplant, David says, "I'm able to do so much more now. I give back by going around the country being an advocate for kidney disease."

Learn more about the journey patients with kidney disease go on below.

You can help support kidney patients on their journey in three ways: support their fight, become an advocate or help educate people about kidney disease.

1 Support their fight

Make a donation to help AKF stand with kidney patients in all stages of their journey. Your support will help:

  • educate people about the signs of kidney disease.
  • provide free kidney health screenings to those at risk.
  • help dialysis and transplant patients in crisis receive lifesaving medical care and support.

2 Become an advocate

30 million Americans live with chronic kidney disease. These people need others to stand with them to help ensure that they have access to care and the promise of better treatment options in the future.

AKF is a strong and independent voice to increase awareness of kidney disease and advocate for policies that improve access to health care and that strengthen quality of care for individuals with kidney disease. But we need people like you to stand with us.

Be a voice

3 Help educate people about kidney disease

Learning the risk factors and signs of kidney disease can help those at risk detect the disease or slow its progression.

AKF provides free educational resources and free kidney health screenings. We also support clinical research that focuses on improving the lives of kidney patients. In addition, we are building a network of Kidney Health Coaches who can reach out to their communities to empower those at risk for kidney disease to prevent it.

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