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The ALS Association Golden West Chapter is committed to advancing the search for effective treatments and a cure for ALS while improving the lives of people living with ALS and their family members by focusing on three interdependent mission-critical priorities: Care Services, Research and Public Policy.

Until there are treatments and a cure, accessing expert care is the most effective way to live with ALS.  The Golden West Chapter’s free, community and clinic based Care Services program improves the quality of life for people living with ALS and their family members; this proven model of care also provides access to the clinical sites dedicated to conducting ALS research and clinical trials.   It is this collaborative effort that will lead to the achievement of our vision:  to create a world without ALS.

Everything that the Golden West Chapter does with, and on behalf of, the ALS community – from delivering vital Care Services to funding the most promising global ALS Research to promoting important Public Policy initiatives at the state and federal level – is made possible by the generosity of dedicated and philanthropic individuals, foundations and corporations.  Our effectiveness is ensured by your ongoing commitment to the Campaign for Care and a Cure.  Thank you for your support.

To learn more, please contact Cherryl Goldstein at 818-865-8067 x243 or