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ALS ONE – Massachusetts ALS Partnership (MAP)

Kevin Gosnell, founder of T&K Asphalt Services, Inc. and a person living with ALS, launched ALS ONE to bring together leading neurology experts and care specialists in Massachusetts in partnership to leverage their institutions’ strengths to expedite progress toward finding a treatment for ALS by 2020.

The ALS Association Commitment

The ALS Association and the ALS Finding a Cure® are working together with ALS ONE to develop and fund appropriate clinical and research initiatives to maximize synergies that will make a significant impact on the disease. This collaboration was founded in January 2016 and solidified in November 2016. Each partner is contributing $2 million to this strategic initiative, for a total commitment of $6 million this year.


Kevin Gosnell brought together the top leaders, researchers, doctors and caretakers in ALS within Massachusetts, to join forces to bring the strengths of their prestigious institutions to an ambitious plan: to bring a treatment to persons with ALS by 2020.

By working together to fund and develop a treatment, they will demonstrate their shared commitment to fighting ALS while also continuing to provide high-level care for those who have already been diagnosed. By unifying resources, expertise and dedicated teams into a large coordinated team, individual goals will be aligned to move ideas and products quickly from inception to trial and from idea into care practice.

How ALS ONE advances the search for a treatment for ALS

Key Players

Kevin Gosnell

Kevin Gosnell late founder and CEO of ALS ONE was diagnosed with ALS in spring 2015 and passed away August 8, 2016 from complications of the disease. He founded ALS ONE in January 2016 with a vision to bring the best minds in the ALS community to work together.

The ALS ONE leadership team is comprised of many of the top ALS experts in the world, including:

ALS ONE leadership team

Lucie Bruin, Ph.D., M.B.A., Chief Scientist of The ALS Association and Stephen Winthrop, a member of The Association’s National Board of Trustees, both serve on ALS ONE’s Board of Directors.

Partners in the initiative include The ALS Association, ALS Finding a Cure®, ALS Therapy Development Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Massachusetts Medical School and Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS) and ALS ONE.