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Equipment Loan Program


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All necessary precautions are being taken to reduce the risk of possible COVID-19 exposure to people living with ALS, their families and the Loan Program staff. 

The ALS Association North Carolina Chapter Equipment Loan Program accepts donations and houses six types of durable medical equipment. The purpose of the program is to benefit those with no insurance, those unable to order their own power wheelchair, or those awaiting delivery of an ordered power wheelchair. Power wheelchairs are typically covered by insurance by at least 80%. It is strongly recommended, if one is able, to purchase a customized power wheelchair which can be modified to meet specific needs.

ONLY the following items are available for loan (based on availability). 
These are also the ONLY items that we can accept as donations (equipment must be gently used and in good working condition)

  1. Power Wheelchairs (If donating, must be less than 3 years old with a working battery and must have a tilt and recline feature)
  2. Manual Wheelchairs 
  3. Transport Wheelchairs 
  4. Rollators 
  5. Rolling Shower Wheelchair (not PVC, and does not include benches, seats or commodes)
  6. Electric Hoyer Lift (Must be electric, not manual)
  • Equipment is available to residents of North Carolina and must remain in North Carolina.
  • Thanks to the incredible generosity of our statewide sponsor, Stalls Medical and Adaptive Vans, there is no charge to our families for delivery and pick up of items.
  • If equipment is not being used and/or no longer needed, please call the Chapter so equipment can be returned and used by another person in need.
  • The Chapter does not carry power wheelchair accessories in the loan closet and therefore is not able to customize or modify existing loan equipment. All items are loaned out as is.
  • The family is responsible for maintaining the equipment as it was received. This includes keeping the chair clean and batteries charged. Please note, if batteries are not charged and are allowed to run down, this will damage the battery, which may require replacement at approximately $500/battery
  • The ALS Association North Carolina Chapter does not issue a guarantee and reserves the right to refuse replacement of equipment due to misuse or improper care.

 *If you plan to claim a deduction of more than $5,000, an appraisal of the equipment will be required. Please consult IRS guidelines ( or an attorney to determine your best course of action. Any appraisals must be conducted by an accredited medical equipment appraiser (not a Durable Medical Equipment provider). Sometimes appraisals are done as a “desk or bench” procedure; meaning you email/mail photos and supporting documentation (which may include purchase receipts, serial numbers, and manuals) to the appraiser for their estimate. Costs for appraisals vary.

To request equipment, please contact our Director of Care Services Operations, Claudia Beirne at or 919-390-0125.
To arrange pickup of equipment donations, please contact Alex Adams at or 336-757-2000