ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress


State of Oregon Charitable Checkoff Program

Are you a State of Oregon taxpayer who will receive an income tax refund? You can support The ALS Association Oregon and SW Washington Chapter by giving through your tax refund. 

Funds from the State of Oregon Charitable Checkoff Program enhance care services and programs available to Oregonians living with ALS.

Charitable Checkoff 2021

Follow these 3 easy steps for 2021 tax refund gift:

  1. Find The ALS Association on Schedule OR-DONATE (Oregon Charitable Checkoff Donations). We are listed on line #28 (Charity Code #29). 
  2. Decide what you want to give and place it on the schedule. 
  3. Once you finalize your giving on the schedule, go to line 47 on Form OR-40 and enter your total donation amount.

Our mission does not receive any government or insurance funding. It is 100% supported by the local community.

For more information, please contact us at amy.easton@alsoregon.org or 503-238-5559, ext 116.