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Help for ALS Caregivers

Family CaregiversCaregiving is willingly undertaken out of love and devotion to the person with ALS and can be a source of great personal satisfaction. Yet, over time, caregiving exacts an enormous emotional toll, and can adversely affect the caregiver’s physical and psychological health, threatening their ability to continue providing care. Concern for the person living with ALS often causes the caregiver to overlook her/his own needs eating properly, getting enough rest, taking time to pursue one’s own interests.

Caring for someone with ALS is hard work and more than a full time job. But there are resources and support to help you care for your loved one with ALS.

The ALS Association Oregon and SW Washington Chapter is here to offer direct support like financial responsbility for in-home caregiving, as well as emotional support, advice in dealing with practical issues and access to community resources.

To talk about proactive ways to manage the care of your loved one with ALS, please reach out to your local care services coordinator or contact CareServices@alsa-or.org or 503.238.5559 ext 100.