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No matter what the day is like, whether it’s sunny and bright or rainy and cold, it always has a beginning and thankfully, always has an end. Luckily, for a caregiver, no matter how good or bad the day is, there is always an end.

Some of the good days are ones we wish would last forever, and some of the bad days are ones we would like to speed up and forget.  Unfortunately, this is not feasible.

As a primary caregiver for someone living with ALS, it can be quite difficult to be concerned about your own personal health and well-being.  Some caregivers have expressed concern that it takes too much time away from their duties of caring for their loved one to worry about their own health, especially if there is nothing medically or physically wrong with them.  Oftentimes burnout may express itself in mental or emotional ways and have negative manifestations.

During this month, caregivers have been encouraged to devote a portion of their day to themselves in order to be healthier, happier, and mentally able to provide the quality care for their loved one living with ALS.  Caregiving is often a thankless job that goes unnoticed by family members, friends, and government agencies.

The ALS Association, its chapters and other affiliates would like to say to all caregivers, “Thank you for sharing your care.”




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