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Applying For VA Benefits

Even though a diagnosis of ALS is presumed to be service connected the veteran must still apply for benefits and enroll in the VA health care system. It is important that this be done as soon as possible after diagnosis as benefits, including compensation, are retroactive to the date of application for new applicants.

When applying for either VA Health Care or service connected benefits we encourage you to contact:

These organizations will help ensure that the required information and forms are properly completed and submitted so that your claim can be processed as quickly as possible. They are also up to date on the latest requirements and benefits available and can help guide you through the applications process

The application for benefits consists of filling out the appropriate form and submitting any required documentation. The forms are:

  1. Health Care -
  2. Service Connection -

Service connection for ALS provides a minimum rating of 100% but the overall level of benefits will be based on the disability across all systems.