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What is ALS?

Say ALS, and most people give you a blank stare. Tell them Lou Gehrig’s Disease and you get a nod of recognition. But there is probably little knowledge of the destructive power those three letters represent.

ALS, short for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, causes the progressive death of the motor nerve cells that operate muscles. This robs the brain of the ability to initiate and control movement. Most victims of ALS, their cognitive abilities unaffected by the disease, must watch and feel their bodies deteriorate. It can be a slow and arduous path with the majority of patients dying from complications related to ALS within two to five years of diagnosis.

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What are we doing?

The ALS Association helps patients by attacking the problem from a variety of fronts including day-to-day management of the disease through education, treatment, and advocacy. 

But nothing we do is more important than the research we fund and spearhead that is dedicated to finding a cure for ALS. Today, thanks to the generous support of people like you, more than 400 scientists from leading institutions around the world are searching for treatments and a cure for ALS.

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What can you do?

CA Tax ExampleGive generously to the ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease Research Fund. It’s easier than ever. Now you can make a donation when you file your California state tax return. Just specify the amount to be given for Code 414, which is found in the Contributions section on page 2 of the California tax form (see excerpt to the right). It will either be added to your tax liability or deducted from your refund. For more assistance talk to your tax preparer.

Then, spread the word! Let your friends and family know about the fund and encourage them to check off Code 414 on their tax return form.


The next piece in the ALS puzzle may be in your hand