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Adaptive Equipment Lending Program

The ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter has a very extensive lending program. We recognize the importance of proper equipment and assistive devices in maintaining safety, independence and in maximizing individuals’ functionality and minimizing the financial cost associated with ALS. The Adaptive Equipment Lending Program has been established to provide access to the needed medical equipment either as a bridge while awaiting insurance approval and/or to those with no insurance coverage for the equipment being requested. The program includes items that aid with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), such as mobility aids, positioning devices, communication alternatives and other assistive devices.

The success of this program is largely due to the generosity of our supporters who donated equipment and to the funds raised through our Walk to Defeat ALS programs which allow us to purchase new items, repair/replace existing items, and insures proper maintenance to the various Durable Medical Equipment in the program. 

This program includes the following types of equipment:

* Manual Wheelchairs

* Power Wheelchairs

* Bathroom Safety Equipment

* Walkers

* Patient Lifts

* Hospital beds

* Lift Chair Recliners

* Stair Climbers

* Other Medical Equipment

At times, because of high demands and low inventory on certain items, we may not be able to supply a particular item at the time of request. We will do our best to find alternate options when applicable to help with that and we will make sure to place you on the waiting list.


Equipment Loan Policy

Candidates for the program must:

* Have a diagnosis of ALS.

* Reside in the Chapter's coverage area- The Greater Chicago area and surrounding suburbs, Rockford and Central IL.

* Be registered with the ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter.

* Have applied, or be in the application process, for coverage of equipment from their insurance, or have no insurance coverage for the requested item.

* All items are provided to individuals with ALS, free of charge.


Equipment Loan Procedure 

To request a loan of equipment through any of the loan programs, you must contact your Care Services Coordinator or the office at 312-932-0000 for assistance.

Please be aware that some items can be loaned out simply through a phone conversation with the Chapter staff, but most items will require the involvement of a health care professional to choose the most appropriate item.