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Service Connected Benefits


Thanks to the efforts of The ALS Association, key members of Congress, advocates and the Department of Veterans Affairs, ALS has been listed as a disease entitled to presumptive service connection. This means that if a service member is diagnosed with ALS his or her condition will be presumed to have occurred during or been aggravated by military service and as such be entitled to service connection and full benefits. These benefits are described briefly below. An overview of benefits available to veterans, survivors and dependents is available from the VA here:


The benefits listed below apply to service connected individuals only. Fact sheets about benefits are available from the VA here:

The VA also offers a full range of health care benefits, including:

VA Health Care Benefits

These benefits may include medical and respite care and prosthetic items, such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc. Prescriptions and medical supplies also may be included, as well as a HISA grant.

Home Based Primary Care (HBPC)

HBPC is offered to Veterans who live in an area served by HBPC and provides in home medical services to reduce or eliminate the need for the patient to go in to the VA Clinic. This program is free to qualifying Veterans (must have difficulty getting in to the VA Clinic for services). Many HBPC programs have an occupational therapist on staff to assist with meeting patient equipment needs and training caregivers. To enroll in HBPC, the Veteran may ask the VA Clinic provider 1) do they offer HBPC and 2) how can they enroll. Additional information is available here:

Preventive Care Services

Ambulatory (Outpatient) Diagnostic and Treatment Services

Hospital (Inpatient) Diagnostic and Treatment

Medications and Supplies

Generally, they must be prescribed by a VA provider and be available under VA’s national formulary system.