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As many of you know, when my mother was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 1985, we learned that the disease was familial, knowing that my grandfather died from it in 1956. A year later my aunt was also diagnosed with ALS. In order to deal with my frustration at the lack of progress in finding a cure, I became involved with the NY Chapter of The ALS Association. My hope was that I would be privy to advances in the field of research and help spread the word about the importance of raising funds to support that research. I eventually became a National Trustee of The ALS Association and continue to be one today.

The ALS Association has established itself as the only national non-profit organization fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease on every front, through Care Services, Public Policy, and its Research Program known as TREAT ALS™. The program is directed by Chief Scientist, Dr. Lucie Bruijn, a recognized international leader in the field of ALS research.

Dr. Bruijn has forged productive collaborations, building an extensive network of relationships in the ALS and wider neurological scientific community, with academic institutions, biotech companies and government organizations.

The Association’s focus on research is now paying off, and the good news is that there is so much happening in the world of ALS research. In the last few months alone, scientists have made three genetic discoveries and announced the finding of two, long sought after biomarkers for ALS—simple blood tests that help to identify the early stages of the disease and track its progress.

Yet, the reality is that despite these and other significant advances in the field of ALS research, there still is no cure for this disease. Worldwide 120,000 people are diagnosed with ALS each year, and every one of them will succumb to the disease for lack of effective treatment; most within two to five years. They have little time to live and no time to lose.

As I get older and more anxious about my and my children’s future, I feel a more urgent need. This is why I am making such a public request and asking you to please consider donating what you can to this cause which is so important to me and my family. Your donation will go directly to research. Thank you for joining me in supporting the search for a cure to this deadly disease.

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