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How to access Zoom meeting software for your health care video visit

Providing health care effectively and compliantly through video conferencing software is becoming more common everyday. One of the most common platforms for these kinds of meetings is through Zoom for Telehealth. Below are some guidelines to help you use this important tool to connect with your healthcare provider.

Prior to your appointment, get set up with Zoom:

Step 1: To ensure you are set up to receive and access video meetings, here are some helpful instructions (courtesy of UCSF) for how to activate Zoom.

Step 2: Prepare your smartphone, tablet, or computer by joining this test meeting:


On Your Smart Device App


On Your Mac or PC


During your Zoom Appointment:

Ensure you received the date and time for your Zoom video meeting, along with a Meeting ID.

When it is time for your scheduled appointment, open Zoom on your computer or through your device’s app. Click “Join a Meeting" then enter the Meeting ID number.

You will be placed in a virtual waiting room until the clinician joins the meeting.





Notes of about compliance for insurance billing:
You must be in the same state as your provider at the time of your visit. By accepting an invitation from your provider, you are consenting to hold this visit by video. A video visit is billed in the same way as an in-person clinic visit. The terms of your deductible and copay still apply. You always have the option to request an in-person appointment instead of, or following, a video visit.

Other questions:
Need help setting up your computer or mobile device for Video Visits? Contact the Customer Service for your provider. Please do this well in advance of your appointment