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Local Care Services for Oregon and SW Washington

Since its inception in 2002, our local chapter of The ALS Association is the central source for services and education for people with ALS, their families, caregivers, and health care professionals in all of Oregon and the six counties of SW Washington. The progression of ALS varies significantly from one person to another. Responding to each person’s individual needs, our local chapter is available to provide vital services and reliable information through strategic community partnerships. 

A sampling of services provided free of charge: 

  • On-staff Care Services Coordinators who offer individual support and home visits to assess needs, suggest equipment, connect with local resources and help families plan.
  • ALS Association Clinic partnerships with OHSU, Kaiser Permanente, St. Charles Health System, The Center and Asante Health System. 
  • Medical Equipment Program in partnership with Numotion and Norco Medical to loan equipment to aid in daily living activities and with mobility.
  • Chapter Grant Program that funds a myriad of reimbursable, ALS-related expenses such as respite care, counseling, co-pays for healthcare costs, home modifications, and more. 
  • Education and Outreach to health care professionals, home health care agencies and the community with updates on current ALS needs and solutions.

The information provided on this website is only a small fraction of the resources, ideas, and support that we can offer and make available to you. 

For all people living with ALS in Oregon and SW Washington, we hope that you contact us directly so that we can marshal our resources to support you as an individual. There is a strong community of people who care about those affected by ALS, are passionate about providing support and funding research, and want to offer help and hope.

You are not alone.

We are here to help. Please contact us.

Cassy Adams 2020
Care Services Director
Cassy Adams, MSW, LCSW Cassy.Adams@alsoregon.org or 503-238-5559 ext 100

Ashley Loyning

Assistive Technology Services Coordinator
Ashley Loyning, MS, CCC-SLP Ashley.Loyning@alsoregon.org or 503-238-5559 ext 104

Susan Pennock
Care Services Coordinator
Susan Pennock, MSW, LCSW Susan.Pennock@alsoregon.org or 503-238-5559 ext 114

Mary Rebar
Regional Care Services - Willamette Valley
Mary Rebar, Mary.Rebar@alsoregon.org or 541-990-1246

Christina Riddock photo
Regional Care Services - Central Oregon
Christina Riddock, Christina.Riddock@alsoregon.org or 541-977-7502