PALS for Life

Responding to the overwhelming needs of PALS
and their families with compassionate support services.

In early 2016, the ALS Association began receiving inquiries from donors who wanted to support care service programs in honor of their affable and dear friend Mark Tannenbaum, formally diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in December 2015.

Shocked and devastated by the debilitating nature of the diagnosis, a close circle of longtime friends re-connected from many geographic regions to rally behind their good buddy, Mark one of their best pals.

Always admired for his gifted athleticism, adored for his humorous, outgoing personality and cherished for his unselfish dedication to friends and family, Mark continues to impress by exhibiting great courage in the face of inevitable physical deterioration and indomitable perseverance when bombarded by the seemingly endless financial and healthcare challenges that come along with the disease.

Mark and his family, even with the unconditional support of so many friends, must rise against tremendous setbacks and challenges every day. And, sadly, everyone affected by ALS shares this difficult journey.

In an effort to help all PALS (an acronym for “Persons with ALS”) and their families overcome daily challenges and live fuller lives, Mark’s friends have partnered with the ALS Association at a national level to establish the fund “PALS for Life” in Mark’s honor.

Please consider contributing to the ALS Association’s new “PALS for Life” and help support vital family assistance programs and provide compassionate care services to as many PALS as we can reach.

Mark Tannenbaum

Honoring Mark