ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress
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The ALS Association Maximizes Donor Investments

Part of The ALS Association’s overall strategy when it comes to funding research is to seek out collaborative initiatives, identify matching funds, and engage our network of over 39 chapters throughout the U.S.—all in an effort to maximize donations and accelerating the pace of scientific discovery.

Building collaborative initiatives

Since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, The ALS Association has helped fund eight strategic initiatives that seek to maximize investments by encouraging collaboration at all levels as well as a commitment to open data.

Matching funds

Seeking out matching funds is an important strategy behind The ALS Association’s work. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge enables new partnerships and matching fund opportunities.

For example, The Association contributed $10 million to ALS ACT in 2014 and secured $10 million in additional funding from the ALS Finding a Cure®. In addition, The Association announced $2.5 million in funding to the New York Genome Center, as a match to $2.5 million from the Tow Foundation. This was further matched with an addition $2.5 million by the state.

The ALS Association also partners with government, non-profit and biotech to maximize investments. Through our TREAT ALS™ Drug Development Contract Program, for example, academic scientists are encouraged to partner with industry. While the academic investigators receive funds form The ALS Association, in many cases, the industry partner provides expertise and reagents at no additional cost to The ALS Association. All parties have a vested interest to develop the final product towards a treatment for people living with ALS.

Inspiring Partnerships

Engaging the chapter network

The ALS Association 39 chapters across the country are all actively involved in raising money to support ALS research, raising money locally to fund specific projects and initiatives, which may or may not be local to the chapter’s service area.