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Support Groups provide opportunities for people living with ALS and their loved ones to share their personal experiences and learn more about strategies for preserving independence and maximizing quality of life.

All Golden West Chapter Support Groups are facilitated by our professional Care Managers with extensive experience in ALS. With many monthly Support Groups to choose from, our goal is to provide one that is convenient for you and your loved ones.

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What You Can Expect

- Tips and practical solutions for navigating the everyday challenges of living with ALS.

- Resources for exploring options and making decisions throughout the disease process.

 - Connection and support from other people living with ALS, caregivers, and loved ones.

Some topic specific groups we offer include:

  • Caregiver/Loved Ones'

  • Veterans'

  • Trach and Vent

  • Families Raising Children

  • Bereavement

  • Familial Diagnosis

  • General ALS


“An ALS support group is really just a camaraderie of amazing people, many of whom are dealing with the same issues, who share information. We form strong friendships with each other and with our families about our shared experiences.”
- Julianne Angel

All Golden West Chapter Support Groups meet virtually using Zoom. If you are not familiar with how to use Zoom, the Golden West Chapter has created this helpful online resource to assist you in getting started or feel free to contact your Care Manager directly. Visit our Chapter's online calendar for information on when your group(s) are meeting and for monthly updates, such as guest speakers, new meetings and date changes.

Groups are offered free-of-charge and are open to people with ALS, caregivers, family members, and friends.

Contact us for more information at 1-866-750-2572 or