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Durable Medical & Communication Equipment Loan Program

The Equipment Loan Program maintains an inventory of frequently needed, medically necessary equipment designed to provide for safe transfers and mobility. This equipment is made available to Chapter registered persons who need equipment but may not have available resources for immediate access. Examples include transfer devices, bathroom support equipment, manual and power wheelchairs, walkers, rollators and more.

In addition, the Chapter also has a limited inventory of augmentative and alternative communication devices. With the assistance of a speech pathologist, we work with people diagnosed with ALS to help them maintain effective communication with their family, medical providers and their community.

Accessing the Equipment Loan Program is easy. We encourage you to work with an Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapist to determine your current needs and suggest equipment that would meet those needs. Some equipment does require a written request from your Physician, Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapist, such as power wheelchairs, hospital beds and high-tech communication devices.

Requests for items in the Equipment Loan Program must be made through the Chapter Care Services Coordinator by phone, email, or verbally at an ALS Clinic.

The Chapter Care Services Coordinator will organize delivery via the most appropriate means.
At or before delivery a signed Loan Agreement Form must be completed and submitted to the Chapter.

Please note the Equipment Loan program is a combination of donated and purchased equipment. While we make every attempt to have an inventory to meet a wide variety of needs, some equipment is in limited supply and we may not be able to fulfill a request, or fulfillment may be delayed.

Thank you to our Community Partners who help make this program possible Equipment Loan Program Partners

Donations to the Equipment Loan Program

If you, or someone you know, would like to donate an item to the Equipment Loan Program, please contact the Chapter Care Services Coordinator in your state. All items must be in good working order and meet certain requirements. Some items cannot be accepted into the program. On occasion, items might not be in working order or technology is out of date and it is cost prohibitive when these items cannot be repaired or used.

Please do not contact Durable Medical Equipment Partners directly to have equipment picked up.