Why We Walk: Advocacy

The ALS Association is the only ALS nonprofit organization to support people with ALS on every front — care services, research, and advocacy. Find out how money raised by Walk teams all over the country positively impacts these important mission priorities.

With significant wins behind us, The ALS Association will continue to focus on key public policy objectives going forward — for those living with the disease and those yet to be diagnosed. Today and every day, we will work together to mobilize the ALS community, bringing them together to speak with one voice.

Each year thousands of people work in their own communities, travel to Washington, D.C., and send letters and make phone calls to government officials to demand changes in legislation and support initiatives that will improve the lives of people with ALS and their families. This is in addition to the 1,000 people that annually attend our National ALS Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. to lobby Members of Congress to support vital ALS legislative priorities.

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Why We Walk_ALS Advocacy Infographic_2_2020
Why We Walk_ALS Advocacy Infographic

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