Hillary's Page

I'm hosting a Family Yoga for ALS fundraiser on September 18th at the Dunwoody Nature Center!  I hope you can join us.


I really hate asking people for money, but this is a cause I'm very passionate about.  When my aunt Sally was diagnosed with ALS in 2012, my family, especially my uncle Mark, jumped in to do a lot of fundraising for the ALS Association.  I hated the idea of asking people for money, and instead got involved with the Advocacy Chapter of the ALS Association.  I didn't mind asking the government for money!  ALS patients lose the ability to control all muscles and lose the ability to speak (plus, it's very difficult to travel), and I wanted to help representing their interests at the Georgia State Capital and in Washington.  I've worked with the Georgia and National Assocations on securing funding for research for a cure for ALS, as well as increasing access to care for ALS patients, including the elimination of a waiting period to receive Social Security Disability benefits.

This yoga event is my first fundraiser, and I'm very thankful for the support extended thus far.  

If you do not want to donate online, you can download an offline donation form by clicking here.