Finishing The Climb

Almost 29 years ago myself and two friends that I was serving with in the military set out to climb Mount Rainier with the help of another guy in our unit. We were unable to complete the summit due to a late start and avalanches. Since that time both of my friends have had ALS effect there lives in the worst of ways. One was diagnosed with ALS many years ago and is still fighting, The other lost his sister several years ago to ALS.

I am going to try and finish what we started almost 29 years ago for my friends and because I am able. If it were not for ALS affecting one friend and the other having knee surgery this last year, I know they would join me if they could.

I am doing this for them, with my daughter on August 5th-7th, 2015. We have talked about doing this for several years and with last years Ice Bucket Challenge, we know that people are more aware than they ever have been. With all the money raised, we still don't have a cure, we only have some awareness. I am not asking you to climb with us, but to be aware that ALS is something we can't take back and those that have it can't always finish what they have started. There lives as they once knew it have been taken away. I am funding this trip myself and only ask that you donate $1 or more to reach our minimum goal of $14,411.00 to help finish the climb for a cure. 14,411 ft is also the elevation of Mount Rainier in Washington State. Your $1 plus donation is your way of climbing with us. Each dollar represents each foot of the mountain. With your help, maybe ALS will be something that we won't have to be aware of, because it will be nonexistent. Please bookmark this page if you are interested in keeping tack of our progress as we approach August 7th and please share this with your friends. Anything you give is greatly appreaciated to help us Finish The Climb.

Thanks for all you can do,

Matthew Eimer

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