2022 CEO Soak - Pittsburgh


Last year, Philips lost one of our very own, Fred Abercrombie, to the devastating disease of ALS. 

Fred joined Philips in 2009 as a Software Support Specialist for Trilogy; ironically a ventilation device that many people living with ALS rely on. After receiving the devastating diagnosis of ALS in 2020, Fred was forced to leave a job and a workplace he loved. In two short years, ALS robbed Fred of his mobility, his speech, and ultimately his life. 

The greatest gift in 2021 was watching Fred get out of his wheelchair and into the fountain, with all the determination he could muster, along with the help of his wife & colleagues! What a perfect moment it was to witness the pure joy on Fred’s face and in his heart. 

Fred was a champion in raising awareness and funds for the ALS community that he never imagined he would be a member of. To honor his legacy, Philips has become a Platinum Sponsor of the CEO Soak and has pledged to do even more. He was a friend and colleague, and, in his honor, I ask you to please be involved in this effort as we continue to fight the good fight on his behalf.

Make a donation: Choose a participant from the team list on the right. Click the donate button on their page to make a contribution to the team's goal. All funds donated will support provide critical services for people living with ALS in western PA. Thank you for your support!

Join our team: Become a part of CEO Soak, simply click the "Join Team" link on the right to be added to our team roster. You can get started right away with your fundraising as a member of the team.

With gratitude and a humble heart, THANK YOU for your generosity in supporting our ALS community. 


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